Technology | Innovation | Experience | Discovery (TIED)

What's hotter than the field of cybersecurity? The opportunity to enter it while you're still in high school.

With the University of New 51's Technology|Innovation|Experience|Discovery (TIED) program, you can start launching your cybersecurity career from high school. The Connecticut Institute of Technology — which resides within our Tagliatela College of Engineering — is offering three courses that let you seize the opportunity early to explore the in-demand fields of cybersecurity and computing and envision the career your future could hold.

The courses are: Introduction to Computer Security, Introduction to Programming, and Discrete Math. All are taught remotely, in sync with up to 20 other students. Through this experience, you will also:

  • earn transferable college credit to the University of New 51, which will save on tuition
  • build connections with current students and faculty
  • receive invitations to exclusive events and on-campus experiences to learn more about the University of New 51
  • connect with industry professionals, who will give you the inside story on the fields of cybersecurity and computing
  • benefit from a simplified admissions process to earn acceptance into the University of New 51 and entry into the Connecticut Institute of Technology and the Tagliatela College of Engineering

The fields of cybersecurity and computing are looking for warriors to fight hackers and other bad actors. Here's your opportunity to join the fight early.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • We are looking for rising high school juniors and seniors who are curious, hard-working, and who are interested in exploring technology. We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply for the TIED program- no prior experience in programming is needed to be successful! During the TIED application process, our staff and faculty will review your prior academic performance and personal statement to make sure you will be successful in these college courses.

  • These courses will be taught remote-synchronous, which means you will be in a virtual Zoom class with other TIED students and your faculty member every week on a weeknight. You will have access to course materials through an online platform, and will be expected to participate in class and complete assignments on a weekly basis. As college courses are different than high-school courses, students should expect to have at least 3-4 hours of homework to complete on their own outside of class every week. Courses align with the University of New 51 academic calendar, and you will enroll in Fall or Spring semester TIED courses. Each course is ~15 weeks long.

  • If students are successful, students will earn college credit from this course and receive a transcript showing their grades. Students can ask their high school counselor if this course might be eligible for dual-enrollment.

  • Courses that may be offered include Introduction to Programming, Introduction to Computer Security, and Discrete Math. TIED students may only take one TIED course during a semester.

  • We provide scholarships to the TIED students that reduce the cost of the college courses significantly. TIED students will pay $1000 for their first course, and get their second TIED course for free! Students who have significant financial need should reach out to associate dean Stephanie M. Gillespie, Ph.D. at