2024 Tagliatela College of Engineering Student Awards

Each year, the Tagliatela College of Engineering recognizes the achievements of its students at an award ceremony. This year's awards will be presented to student recipients at the award ceremony on Friday, April 12, 2024.

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Awards

Presented to an outstanding senior in each program in recognition of high academic achievement and active participation in department, college or university activities.

  • Justin Caron headshot

    Justin is a senior chemical engineering student. He also participates in research in the Biomedical Engineering labs with Dr. Shue Wang. He first performed research on cancer cells during the SURF program, but he is now performing research on stem cell differentiation. On April 4th, he presented his research on cancer cells at the Northeast Biomedical Engineering Conference in Hoboken, New Jersey. After his undergraduate program, he will work towards his master’s in biomedical engineering and intends to eventually work in prosthetics.

  • Hayat Khan headshot

    Hayat started his research journey through SURF 2023 with the Development of Anti-Cancer Nanoparticle. He is currently working as a Learning Assistant and Peer Tutoring sessions have been held on campus.

  • Victor Huisman headshot

    At the University of New 51, I have had a number of opportunities to grow. As a peer assistant I was able to help in the introduction to engineering courses. I am also part of the honors program where I am currently testing methods to make concrete from resources on the Moon. Recently I have taken and passed the fundamentals of engineering exam, and I am currently awaiting approval for my EIT. After graduation I will begin working at the Connecticut Department of Transportation in the division of bridges and work on my master’s degree.

  • Carolina Sousa De La Cruz headshot

    I currently working towards my B.S. in Computer Engineering. My passion for electronics and engineering began in high school and has since grown stronger through various projects and experiences. I am also honored to hold positions of leadership as the President of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, the Secretary of the IEEE Eta Kappa Nu Honor Society, and a Resident Assistant in the Engineering ELC. Additionally, I have gained valuable industry experience through two internships with Kriterion LLC and currently with RBC Bearings, and I am excited to join their automation team upon my graduation this May!

  • James Mok headshot

    A motivated computer science undergraduate, James Mok is a Dean’s List student and Presidential Scholarship recipient who will be graduating in May 2024 with a GPA of 3.89. Beyond academics, James is currently a peer tutor for computer science at the Center for Learning Resources, a member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, and working on various programming projects. His favorite things to learn about are emerging AI technologies and modern and military history. His next steps after graduating will be starting a career in software development locally at Electric Boat.

  • Jonathan Chute headshot

    Jonathan Chute is a third-year undergraduate student pursuing a degree in cybersecurity and networks. Since entering the university in 2021, his interest in cybersecurity has led him to join the university's hacking team, eventually leading the team to place top three in multiple competitions. Currently, as president of the club, he enjoys sharing what he has learned by educating others on cybersecurity topics. After graduating, Jonathan plans to continue his education at the University of New 51 by pursuing a master’s degree in cybersecurity.

  • Kevin Harper headshot

    Kevin is an undergraduate transfer and commuter student with a passion for electronics. He works in the Electrical Engineering Department at Pitney Bowes where he contributes to field return failure analysis, legacy hardware redesign, and test fixture system design. Kevin is also the proud owner of an always-expanding home electronics laboratory. Most recently, for his senior Capstone design project, Kevin has designed a remote-controlled sound steering system. This system allows you to point a steered beam of modulated ultrasound at any object, where sound then emits from it. After graduation, Kevin hopes to start a career in embedded system design.

  • Matthew Windsor headshot

    Matthew will be graduating with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and planning to complete his M.S. in Electrical Engineering here at the University. Throughout his time at the University, he has participated in numerous extracurricular activities such as Robotics, playing trumpet in the Marching Band, and playing for the Varsity Esports program Rocket League team. In his free time, Matthew enjoys playing the guitar and hanging out with friends.

  • Anna Ort headshot

    Anna Ort is a senior mechanical engineering student who loves to be involved on campus. She has been on the ASME Eboard since freshman year, worked as a Peer Assistant in the engineering department for 2 years, and in her last year at the University, she has been working at the Makerspace. Anna interned for RBC Bearings the summer after her junior year and will be working there full-time after graduation. In Ana’s words, this past year I have been updating the air revitalization section of a NASA training primer as a research project. In my free time, I love to do art including drawing, painting, and crocheting.

Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

Presented to an outstanding master’s student in each program in recognition of high academic achievement and performance in research/scholarship, teaching or service.

  • Nikhil Vijay Tambe headshot

    Nikhil Tambe is a dedicated scholar acclaimed for his academic prowess and leadership. Majoring in Biomedical Engineering at the University of New 51, he has excelled in research, earning accolades for his contributions to advancing biomedical methodologies. Nikhil's ardor for biomedical research propelled him to intern with 12-15 Molecular Diagnostics, where he applied his expertise to innovate sensors for disease diagnostics. With over 2 years of professional experience in the Biomedical field post-Bachelor's, Nikhil currently serves as a Teaching Assistant for Nano-biotechnology, while continuing his internship initiated in fall 2023. Additionally, he fulfilled the role of TA for Biosensors and Instrumentation lab in Fall 2023, demonstrating his commitment to both academic and practical application.

  • Abdul Hadi Ali Khan headshot

    Abdul is certified by the “Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship” in startup foundation and has served as an assistant coordinator for the Entrepreneurship Development Cell for two years during his undergraduate graduation. Additionally, he interned at a biotech company for two months and has also worked as an undergraduate engineer in Vasant Chemicals' production unit for a month. He is also certified in “Chicken behavior and welfare” from the University of Edinburgh and has served as a farm manager focusing on the areas of biosecurity and heat management of the farm. Furthermore, he has joined as an Analytical Chemist in a private homeopathy lab. Currently, he is a student of MS Chemical Engineering at UNH. (2024 Jan- 2025 Dec).

  • Naga Sai Kolli headshot

    Naga Sai, originally from India, holds a bachelor's degree in Organic Chemistry from Osmania University, Hyderabad. Currently, he is pursuing a master’s degree in chemistry at the University of New 51. Under the guidance of Dr.Pier Cirillo, he completed a research project focused on synthesis and testing of Sortase-A inhibitors using a 3-hydroxychromone scaffold and submitting final compounds for biological testing. Additionally, he collaborated with Dr. Hao Sun on the synthesis of Chemically Recyclable Poly(cycloheptene) via Equilibrium Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization. Transitioning from a teaching assistant for Dr. Pier Cirillo to a research assistant for Dr. Hao Sun demonstrates his adaptability and dedication. He extends his heartfelt gratitude to both professors for their mentorship and thanks everyone in the Department of Chemistry for their support and guidance throughout his academic journey.

  • Jordan Martindale headshot

    Jordan completed her bachelor’s in forensic science in Fall 2022, consistently making Dean’s list and is currently finishing up her master’s in chemistry. She has made it a priority to hold leadership positions around campus, serving as Treasurer for the Class of 2023, Executive Assistant for the Forensic Science Student Association, and is presently Vice President of UNH’s chapter of the American Chemical Society. As an undergrad, Jordan conducted research with Dr. Marsico on gold nanoparticle enhancement on LIBS for arson investigation. Currently, she works with Dr. Sun on biodegradable polymer research. After graduation, she plans on becoming a forensic chemist. In her free time, Jordan enjoys hiking and creating art!

  • Frezer Ayele headshot

    Originally from Ethiopia, my move to the US in January 2023 marked my first time leaving my home country. I'm a founding member and serve on the board of the Structural Engineering Institute Graduate Student Chapter at the University of New 51. I did internships at JKF and Associates, a local consulting company. In fall 2023, I was awarded the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) scholarship. Outside of academics, I enjoy watching movies, traveling, and flying drones. Post-graduation, I'll be joining Baslee Engineering Solutions (BES).

  • Prashant Rana headshot

    Prashant Rana is a graduate student from Nepal, currently pursuing a master's degree in Computer Science. With a year's experience as a Software Engineer, Prashant has also served as a Teaching Assistant, contributing to the success of students in Web Database Application Development and Script Programming/Python courses. Currently immersed in the development of an iOS expense management application for tracking expense habits and shared expenses, Prashant feels honored by the recognition of the Outstanding Graduate Student Award, fostering a commitment to professional excellence. Motivated by a dedication to ongoing advancement and practical application, Prashant looks forward to forthcoming professional challenges. Beyond academic pursuits, Prashant enjoys participating in football, basketball, and indulging in anime and manga.

  • William Turner headshot

    William is a graduate student in the Cybersecurity and Networks program. During his time at the University, he has been an active member of the Hack@CIT hacking club, in which he led workshops and participated in many competitions. William is currently the Team Lead in a national embedded security competition to develop and test measures to secure the medical infrastructure supply chain. In his free time, William is an active outdoorsman and musician.

  • Sharara Hossain headshot

    Sharara, a passionate graduate student in data science, has consistently excelled academically. At the University of New 51 she had the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant for Machine Learning to assist her fellow graduate students with their coursework. Beyond academics, she is actively involved with the Women in Business chapter to engage in leadership and professional development activities. Her internship experience at Siemens Technology has provided invaluable real-world insight into applied machine learning. Sharara looks forward to leveraging her skills and knowledge in a rewarding career in data science post-graduation.

  • Sodiq Ajose headshot

    Sodiq Ajose is a native of Nigeria, graduated with his BSc. In Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and a Nanodegree in Data Analysis from Udacity. After a brief professional experience, he decided to continue his education in MS Electrical Engineering at the University of New 51 where he was awarded a Provost’s Scholarship. He interned during the summer at Pirogon Inc, he’s also currently a Teaching Assistant at the department and also volunteering as a Treasurer/ Financial Secretary for the African Graduate Student Association. Apart from that, he enjoys sporting activities like soccer, volleyball, watching anime and also relaxing with video games.

  • Asa deBlois headshot

    Asa deBlois is pursuing a Master’s in Engineering and Operations Management from the University of New 51 and works full-time as a Principal Strategy Analyst in Medtronic's Surgical Operating Unit. In this role, he has played a pivotal role in shaping Medtronic's strategic initiatives through developing market models, delivering competitive insights, and conducting deep consultative research in areas such as digital technologies, robotics, and operations. Before his current role, Asa held various positions within Medtronic's R&D division, developing complex electromechanical surgical tools. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Mechatronics from Western New England University.

  • Kabita Regmi headshot

    Kabita completed her bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. She joined the University of New 51 in August 2022 and will obtain her Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering. She has maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.97 in the program so far. She also worked as a Teaching Assistant where she assisted the faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. After graduation, Kabita plans to pursue consulting roles in water and wastewater sector. She aspires to guide and inspire the next generation of engineers, particularly women engineers in this field. She has a diverse array of interests including sketching, photography, reading and trekking.

  • Abdul Mohammed Rahman headshot

    I'm currently pursuing M.S. in Industrial Engineering. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, I was honored as the Overall College Topper with a Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Performance in India. I possess work experience in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, particularly with SAP. Recently, I received an 8-month internship offer from Trumpf Inc. in Farmington, Connecticut, where I'll join as an Internal Logistics Intern. My career trajectory is geared towards becoming a Techno-Functional Consultant. Committed to continuous growth, I aim to blend my engineering prowess with practical experience to drive innovative solutions in the industry.

  • Sundar Dangol headshot

    I am a graduate student from Nepal, enrolled in the Master of Science program in Mechanical Engineering. Currently, I hold a cumulative GPA of 3.9. As a recipient of the TCoE Endowed Graduate Fellowship award, I work as a Graduate Research Assistant in the realm of Additive Manufacturing at the Smart Fabrication Lab. My primary research revolves around pioneering the 3D printing of flexible force sensors, a venture poised to transcend the limitations posed by conventional rigid sensors. This breakthrough could be promising for diverse applications spanning electronics, automotive accessories, and biomedical devices. I look forward to continuing my journey of exploration and innovation, inspired by the myriad opportunities that await on the horizon.

Honors Program Recipients

Presented by the University of New 51 Honors College to graduates with University Honors (Honors Program students who have completed four Honors courses, participated in Honors Program activities, maintained at least a 3.3 GPA, and completed an Honors Thesis in their major during their senior year).

    • Jared Gabriele
      Thesis: Underwater Communication Technologies for Submarines: Experimentation and Innovations
    • Sankofa Benzo
      Thesis: Exploration of Attacks Against Artificial Intelligence-based Biometric Systems
    • Victor Huisman
      Thesis: "Moonglomerete" for Construction on the Moon
Other Undergraduate Student Awards
  • Brandon Bernier headshot

    Established through the generosity of Professor Clarence W. Dunham and presented to a worthy student in civil engineering.

    Brandon Bernier is a Junior at the University of New 51 in the dual degree Civil Engineering program with a focus in structural engineering. He is the vice president of Chi Epsilon and will be getting hands on experience with a bridge inspection internship this summer. His future goals include passing the FE and PE exams. Ultimately, he would like to open his own engineering firm. In his free time, Brandon is an avid fisherman and nature enthusiast.

  • Andrew Dunning headshot

    Established in 1981, the Clarice Buckman Scholarships are awarded to juniors majoring in Chemical Engineering or Chemistry.

    Andrew said, "It is a great honor to be given the Buckman Scholarship for Chemistry of Chemical Engineering award." Andrew has been working hard to maintain his grades, and it is great to see his effort rewarded. He is currently looking for internship or research opportunities. His next step is to pursue an MS in Biomedical Engineering in the University of New 51 4 + 1 program.

  • Luci Sweet headshot

    Established in 1981, the Clarice Buckman Scholarships are awarded to juniors majoring in Chemical Engineering or Chemistry.

    Luci tutors various chemistry and physics courses at the university and serves as a student ambassador for the Tagliatela College of Engineering. Last summer, she interned at a wastewater treatment plant, where she learned about the process of turning wastewater into clean water to be recycled back into bodies of water. She will be conducting research on de-fluorination to destroy freons, and in turn PFOS. She will be continuing her studies in the Chemistry master’s program, focusing on green chemistry.

  • Abdelkader el Idrysys headshot

    Established by friends and family of the late Daniel C. O’Keefe, Professor of Electrical Engineering, this award is presented to an outstanding non-traditional student in electrical engineering for perseverance and hard work while balancing the challenges of academic and professional life.

    Abdelkader El Idrysy is senior in electrical engineering program. His capstone design project is sponsored by General Dynamic/Electrical Boat project in which his team measure the salinity of water using ultrasound. Abdelkader has another bachelor’s degree in mathematics (university of Dhar El Mahraz, Morocco). He currently works at Honeywell corporation where he troubleshoots Honeywell fire alarm board at component level. This experience allowed him to learn how to read electrical schematic to detect failure component and use various electronic equipment like oscilloscope, function generator, multimeter, etc. Abdelkader’s short term goal is to have a rewarding job with interesting organization and getting his master’s degree.

  • Melissa Skibinski headshot

    This award is given to first-year student who has excelled in chemistry course(s) during the academic year.

    Melissa is an undergraduate student in the 4+1 Pathway program, majoring in Forensic Science with a concentration in Biology. She is working towards her bachelor’s degree in forensic science and her master’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology. Her passion and dedication have not only earned her this award, but also a place on the Dean’s List for the Fall 2023 semester, as well as induction into the Alpha Lambda Delta First-Year Honor Society. Her current involvement includes the Forensic Science Student Association, where she serves as Co-Head of the Fundraising Committee, President of Bethel Hall Council, and an active member of Active Minds. She hopes to continue her involvement on campus and work towards a career as a Forensic DNA analyst.

  • Angela Chu headshot

    Established in 2003 in honor of Professor Emeritus Peter J. Desio, this award is presented to a chemistry major for outstanding academic performance in the area of organic chemistry.

    Angela is currently studying forensic science with a concentration in Chemistry and a minor in Fire Science. She is also part of the 4+1 program working towards a master’s in chemistry. In the past year, she started working in the Center for Learning Resources (CLR) as a forensic science peer tutor and an Organic Chemistry Learning Assistant with Dr. Luzik. In the fall, she will march with the UNH marching band as part of the color guard, and in the upcoming fall semester, she will begin her research journey with Dr. Sun!

TCoE Outstanding Service Awards - Undergraduate Recipients
  • Aloysius Rebeiro headshot

    Aloysius Rebeiro (Al), a dedicated third-year Civil Engineering major known for his academic excellence and trustworthiness. With a passion for Construction and Water Resources, Al has interned with the Connecticut Department of Transportation and is preparing for a summer internship at Environmental Partners (EP) Apex Company, an award-winning engineering firm. A proud member of the University of New 51 Marching Band Drumline, Al also contributes to ASCE and the Civil Engineering Recruitment team. As an undergrad research assistant, Al is proud and honored to be accepted for this award and continues to explore new horizons in the civil engineering field.

  • Benjamin Collins headshot

    Benjamin is graduating this spring with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. During his time at the University of New 51, he has maintained a 3.6 GPA and recently in his senior year, he has conducted research with Dr. Kristine Horvat as well as served as the Vice President of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

  • James McEwan headshot

    James is a senior graduating with a BS in Chemistry in May. He has enjoyed working as a lab assistant for the past two years and as a stockroom assistant for the Chemistry department over the past year. Outside of the classroom/lab, he has enjoyed playing ultimate frisbee as a part of the club team here on campus. His plans after graduation are to continue the research, he has been doing with Dr. Seifert as he pursues his master’s in chemistry here at UNH.

  • Nicholas Babich headshot

    Over the last few semesters, Nick has had the opportunity to work within the department to conduct 3D printing research and assist in operating various machines within the laboratory spaces. He has taken great pride in doing so and is incredibly grateful for the experiences he has gathered throughout. Nick will continue his mechanical engineering studies in the Fall to obtain his master’s degree as part of the 4+1 program. In his extra time, he leads the university’s astronomy club and enjoys traveling, playing hockey, and spending time with friends or family.

  • Erik Parker headshot

    Erik started off his academic journey in the university’s Marching band where he had the opportunity to build great relationships. Following that, he studied abroad in Prato, Italy, where he experienced life in a new light. Later, Erik found himself taking on the biggest project of his life, leading a team to create a scratch-built Mars rover. After an internship at TRC in ’23 and an internship at Strain Measurement Devices in ’24, Erik has career goals in robotics, embedded, and automation engineering. Erik will be continuing his academic career in ’25 with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.

  • Fredlyne Antoine headshot

    Fredlyne Antoine is a 21-year-old junior at the University of New 51. She currently majors in computer science with a Game Design & Development concentration and a minor in Graphic Design. She loves art as she enjoys digital, traditional, and 3D design. She has many achievements as she holds an associate's degree in Web Development, created official logos and posters for Gencyber, worked at IBM for a summer internship, and interned with Gencyber Teacher Academy for the past 2 years. She also works as a Teaching Assistant each school year for the past 2 years at the University of New 51.

  • Jarred Foley headshot

    Jarred Foley is currently a senior at the University of New 51 pursuing a bachelors in Cybersecurity and Networking. He spent seven years on active duty as part of the U.S. Air Force stationed at Minot AFB in North Dakota. During his time there Jarred held certifications for Entry Controller, Remote Tower Engagement Systems operator, and Alarm Monitor. In addition, Jarred spent his final two years as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of the Electronic Security Section. Finally, while at New 51 Jarred has helped extensively with the GenCyber Teacher Academy of 2023 as well as the setup for the GenCyber Academies of 2024.

TCoE Outstanding Service Awards - Graduate Recipients

The Tagliatela College of Engineering Service Awards recognize the contributions of undergraduate and graduate students as tutors, peer assistants, lab assistants and volunteers. Recipients of these awards were selected by their academic program.

  • Sai Akhil Narvaneni headshot

    I’m Sai Akhil Narvaneni, an international student from India, pursuing Master's degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of New 51. Currently employed as a Structural Engineer at Blakeslee Prestress Inc. in Branford, Additionally, I serve as President of the Structural Engineering Institute Graduate Chapter at UNH. Passionate about photography, I believe in seizing every moment and leaving a lasting impact. Inspired by innovation, I aspire to become an entrepreneur in the sustainability sector, dedicated to making a positive environmental impact.

  • Sean Allen headshot

    At the start of grad school, Sean worked with Dr. Xiao and Dr. Sun to reboot the university’s chapter of the American Chemical Society. He has since spent the year working as the Society’s first president, striving to host fun chemistry-related events and opportunities for professional growth. He has worked as a Learning Assistant embedded in the undergraduate courses, pChem I and pChem II, and served as a lab assistant for both courses as well. Finally, he worked alongside Dr. Seifert and his research team to set up a microwave spectroscopy laboratory.

  • Srinjith Aila headshot

    Srinjith is currently a graduate student pursuing a chemical engineering program at the Tagliatela College of Engineering and working as a teaching assistant in the department of chemical engineering. He graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2022 and later worked in pharmaceutical R&D as a process engineer in India for a year. In the future, he would like to work as a chemical engineer for a couple of years to gain industrial insight and face new challenges dealing with rear- life problems.

  • Chika Gloria Okwuogori headshot

    Chika Gloria, a dedicated Biomedical Engineering graduate and Teaching Assistant, epitomizes academic excellence and commitment to the field. Holding a diploma and bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering, Chika has significantly contributed to both academia and research, showcasing a blend of technical prowess and teaching ability. Beyond her academic and professional endeavors, she harbors a passion for volleyball and cooking, bringing the same level of dedication to her hobbies as she does to her work. As she looks forward to exploring further advancements in biomedical engineering, Chika remains an inspiration, proving that the balance between academic pursuits and personal interests enriches professional growth and personal fulfillment.

  • Justin Duprey headshot

    Justin Duprey received his Bachelor’s degree of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UNH in 2023. Now in graduate school, he is working for the Makerspace as Head TA helping to facilitate the facility and assisting students with their projects using the space’s equipment. Justin Duprey has been a Manufacturing and Quality Engineering Intern at Beta Shim Co., a small Manufacturing Company, since June 2021. His hobbies include 3D Modeling, 3D printing, running, weight training, hiking, and snowboarding.

  • Kiran Jakkli Sounder Karthi headshot

    A graduate student in Engineering and Operations Management, with over 8 years of professional software industry experience, specializing in quality assurance, project/regulatory compliance, and project management. As a former Teaching Assistant for the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering department, I facilitated many knowledge-sharing training sessions for the student community and spearheaded the inaugural MIE Showcase symposium, showcasing adept multitasking and leadership skills. I also assisted professors with day-to-day tasks, honing operational knowledge. Passionate about tech trends, aiming to pursue a career in Quality and Operations, reflecting the University of New 51's commitment to excellence.

  • Nikhil Teja Tangella headshot

    Nikhil Teja Tangella, a coding enthusiast from a small town, embarked on his programming journey at 17, mastering C/C++ and advancing to machine learning. Now, immersed in cyber security at the University of New 51, he hones his hacking skills. Passionate about data, he delved into cloud technology during undergrad. Nikhil's dedication earned him an offer from IGT, where he eagerly anticipates joining the team. His journey exemplifies a blend of curiosity, skill, and ambition in the ever-evolving realm of technology.

  • Ebrima Manjang headshot

    As the President of the Graduate Student Council and a dedicated Teaching Assistant, I eagerly approach my graduation in May with MS in Cybersecurity and Network. My roots are in The Gambia, West Africa, where I cultivated a firm grounding in IT as a Lead System Administrator. This experience, enriched by academic rigor and an IT internship with the school’s student technical support team, has paved my path forward. I'm actively seeking opportunities as an adjunct professor and cybersecurity that will leverage my leadership qualities and technical expertise. I hold profound gratitude for my family, whose support has been unwavering, and the student body's energy has been a constant source of inspiration. I am ready to channel all that I have learned into making meaningful strides in the cybersecurity field.

  • Sahil Seghal headshot

    I actively participated in various activities during my university days, including intramural sports, graduate events, and competitions. I worked as a Teaching Assistant for “Intro to Data Science” and “Distributed and Scalable Data Engineering” courses. I was honoured with the Most Valuable Orientation Leader award for the Spring’23 Graduate Orientation by OGISL. I also contributed to the graduate admissions project as a Data Engineer. At present, my research focuses on Abnormality Detection in Chest X-rays using Deep Learning, under the guidance of Dr. Khaled Syed. In my free time, I like to cook and play cricket. With my expertise in Machine Learning, I aim to pursue data science roles in the finance industry.

TCoE Outstanding Undergraduate Student Mentor

Awarded to an undergraduate student mentor in our first year mentorship program who has provided outstanding support and connection to their mentee(s) throughout the academic year.

  • Oluwasegun Ashley headshot

    I am a sophomore Mechanical Engineering student with a passion for innovation and space exploration. I won the 24-hour design sprint in my first year. Currently, I'm collaborating with Dr. Green on a Coordinated Asteroid Occultation telescope project through SURF during the summer, and at the moment I am developing an assistive computer program for people with disabilities. Beyond academics, I am deeply interested in astronomy. Post-graduation, I aspire to contribute to the aerospace industry.

Capstone Design Pitch Competition Winners
  • Ultrasonic Sound Steering
    Sponsored by the University of New 51 ECECS Department

    Ultrasonic Sound Steering group

    Kevin Harper (Electrical & Computer Engineering)

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  • Innovative Solutions against “Under-the-Door” Break-Ins
    Sponsored by Assa Abloy

    Innovative Solutions against 'Under-the-Door' Break-Ins group

    Nicholas Khaimov, Thomas Cafarelli, and Ziyi Pan (Mechanical Engineering)

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  • High-Altitude Vented Research Balloon
    Sponsored by NASA Space Grant Consortium

    High-Altitude Vented Research Balloon group

    Alexander Castromonte and Aidan Halloran (Computer Engineering); Ian Allison, Nicholas Babich, and Robert Hibbard (Mechanical Engineering)

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