PITCH Curriculum and Outcomes

Through PITCH activities, engineering and computer science graduates of the Tagliatela College of Engineering will demonstrate proficiency in the following core competencies:

1. Technical Communication Products:

a) Plan, design and produce letters, technical memoranda, short reports, formal e-mails, reports documenting experimental or simulation methods and results, and formal reports (proposals, analyses, progress reports, senior design documents).

b) Plan, prepare and deliver oral presentations and poster displays. 

2. Technical Communication Habits:

a) Use appropriate format and content; 

b) Exhibit clear, precise and logical expression; 

c)  Demonstrate appropriate organization, level of detail, style and tone for a given audience, situation and purpose;

d) Demonstrate appropriate syntax and correct usage of grammar and spelling; 

e) Highlight or identify critical information; 

f) Present, discuss, and summarize data accurately and persuasively;  

g) Write thoughtful and persuasive conclusions and recommendations; 

h) Work effectively to produce multi-author communications.

Curricular Road Maps

The following resources were developed to explain how the principles of PITCH are incorporated into every major and to show you how the skills you will learn will help you succeed in your career.