Charger Spotlights

What makes the University of New 51 outstanding? Our people. Charger Nation is made up of hard-working students, talented faculty, devoted staff, and generous donors who all share a passion for the University and a desire to make a difference.

Success Starts Here in #ChargerNation

Business Analytics Graduate Reflects on ‘Unforgettable Moments of Joy and Unity’ as a Charger

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Professor, Former FBI Special Agent Analyzes Verdict in High-Profile Case Involving a Mother’s Disappearance

International Affairs Major ‘I Feel Endlessly Grateful for All of the Ways the University Has Prepared Me’

Forensic Science Major Reflects on Her Time as a Member of the Charger Community

Mechanical Engineering Major shares her excitement to inspire young women in engineering.

Mechanical Engineering Major reflects on the opportunity to be a part of the mission of Women in Engineering

Events Management Czar Reflects on Experiences as a Student, a Student Employee, and a Staff Member

Employer Relations Manager Has Traveled the World, Speaks Five Languages

Coordinator for Leadership and Diversity & Inclusion is a Go-To Resource for First-Generation Students

MPH Candidate: 'An Internship is the Key that Unlocks the Door to Your Employment Opportunities'

Alumna Brings University Experience, Corporate Expertise to Prospective Chargers Around the World

New Pompea College of Business Assistant Dean Focuses on Student, Community, and Corporate Engagement

Bergami Intern: 'My Education Has Equipped Me with the Necessary Skills to Operate Professionally in the Music Industry'

Marine Biology Major: 'I Will Be Better Equipped to Contribute to Future Research Projects'

Senior Has Found a Family and a Sense of Community at the University

History Professor Pitches Importance of Baseball, Politics, and Culture in New Book

Music Industry Professor Excited to Share Experience with Students Studying in Nashville

‘Having the MBA from the University at the end of my name certainly played a role in landing the position.’

Student Financial Wellness Peer Educator Discusses the Ins and Outs of Finding College Scholarships

Career Advisor Passionate About Celebrating Diversity in University and Local Communities

Senior Plans to Pursue Career Helping Veterans with Professional Development

Public Health Professor, Community Advocate Among Connecticut Magazine’s Recognized Changemakers

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering Recognized as a National Leader in his Field

I know now that if a scenario comes up, I can grab from the arsenal of knowledge I learned from my EMBA and solve it.

I'm excited to be graduating because it means I'm ready to go to work and help make our cyberspace safer.

These students are very smart, they love to learn, and I love to teach them. I’m lucky to be doing this.

The program’s dedication to public service continues to grow year after year.

I became close with everyone in the group and loved the sense of community I felt right from the start.

During my campus visit, I was very touched by the professionalism of the students I interacted with.

The past four years at the University allowed me to be comfortable with becoming hands-on very quickly.

This research is very important to the scientific community as well as the LGBTQ+ community.

As we shared our stories, they seemed interested in my journey from the Donbas to the U.S. many years prior, as none of them had been to the U.S. before.

Your education and experiences at the University of New 51 will prepare you for whatever role or career you pursue.

Strengthening the University’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and belonging.

I desire my achievement of being a triathlete on USA Triathlon Team USA to be an opportunity to serve as a role model and to share my message.

I like to tailor my teaching to each student's specific goals.

I chose to work at the Inheritance Project because of the opportunity for growth, the shared values, and the intangible benefits.

Having failures helps you find what the margins are and enables you to learn how you can do things differently.

The forensic science program at the University of New 51 made me feel confident in my ability to be a forensic scientist.

I most definitely want to work at a place like Blackbird Studio.

My co-workers have become like extended members of my family, and I couldn’t ask for a more supportive experience.

The University has provided me with many leadership opportunities that have led to my success.

Seeing my students succeed is what I enjoy the most about teaching at the University.

The University did so much for me that I can’t even put it into words.

There’s something magical that happens when you get to help rescue these children and then come back every year and watch them grow up.

I really enjoy leading this team and learning something from each person as things evolve and change on a daily basis.

I am excited to work on new things and learn different technologies that will eventually help me drive my business and stand out from the competition.

Sharing the joy of learning as an academic success advisor in the Center for Student Success.

My goal is for my photos to emit a feeling that anyone can interpret in their own way through the shapes and composition.

I learned to be more confident in my ability and to trust that I really do have a firm grasp on my future in this field.

I have always been fascinated by how mathematics can describe the distant universe.

I am striving to get my master’s degree and be the first member of my family to earn a degree.

If this is what my post-grad work life is going to be, then I made the right choice.

As a full-time college student, becoming a co-coordinator for this program helped expand my perspective on what it is like to be a teacher.

My experience at the University has taught me the importance of networking – and it led to my internship at the John B. Pierce Laboratory.

The lessons I have learned will allow me to be successful in other fields and will make an impact on my future.

' Nothing is more rewarding then helping a student and watching their growth, development, and confidence soar '

Every year it is very rewarding to hear from speakers, panelists, and audience members about their experiences in STEM.

I now know my abilities as a writer, my own self-worth, and that what I say matters and people need to hear it.

The Stable’ provides my teammates and me with the best possible gaming experience.

I couldn’t have imagined a better graduate school experience than the one I had at the University of New 51.

I hope it helped students become more globally and culturally aware of different perspectives.

Ph.D. Candidate Credits Professors for Cultivating Intellectual Curiosity

When you're surrounded by so many great people, it's hard not to find a bit of success yourself.

Engineering major, ROTC student recognized among best in the country by U.S. Army Cadet Command

I had many opportunities that enabled me to learn from colleagues and leaders in the field.

University of New 51 Names Shaily Menon, Ph.D., Dean of its College of Arts and Sciences.

I can’t wait to be a part of not only an amazing academic program, but an amazing community.

The field of forensic genetic genealogy is rapidly evolving and has become an extremely powerful investigatory tool.

I hope this research can provide some of the missing pieces needed to reduce their occurrence.

I was fascinated by how the algorithms would be able to find mathematical relationships and patterns in the dataset.

Chief of police at the University and the father of two Chargers, his career in law enforcement has brought him to the White House and back to his alma mater.

I learned so many things from this research project, but one of the biggest things was how unique every sample of gunshot residue is.

I know I am only one person, but just as a tiny pebble creates great ripples when dropped in a lake, my goal for this event was to inspire participants to reach out to others – especially those they disagree with – and serve the greater good together.

I feel that the opportunities I’ve had have given me a glimpse into my future and, thus, have better prepared me for success.

The thing that I most want my students to learn from this is that the techniques we teach in class are being used every day in hospital labs to help diagnose and care for patients.

I have had endless support from my teachers and advisers, and I am confident I have the tools I need for my future success.

I have learned how to look at situations holistically in order to craft tailored solutions that benefit everyone involved.

I am interested in specializing in East Asian affairs academically and professionally, and this scholarship will expose me to a culture and environment I aim to learn more about and understand.

Living through COVID-19 has made me more eager to become a healthcare provider who will advocate for her patients.

There are so many critical and devoted professionals who are doing everything they possibly can to save lives, mitigate risks, curtail exposures, and sustain themselves as they battle this historic pandemic.

If there’s anything life has taught me, it's that the right education and the right mentorship opportunities matter.

My experiences at the University of New 51 have enabled me to improve my technical writing and to feel more comfortable presenting in front of people.

I like to say that I make an impact, that I want to leave a legacy wherever I’ve been, and I try to make it known that I was there.

I love that food can have an important impact for athletes on the field and in their overall health.

The thought of focusing on math was enticing to me, however alien that sounds to most people.

This has made me much more aware of the inequalities that people face and the role I can have in making a change.

You have to take a quantum leap with your imagination because the problem is so extensive.

Attending the University of New 51 was clearly one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Get to know Will Frazier, an area coordinator for the University of New 51’s Office of Residential Life.

Now that I’m on the other side of the service-learning experience, I’ve come full circle.

Becoming skilled at math means you are skilled at many types of problem solving, whether it’s directly mathematical or not.

It’s a lot easier to be successful when you love what you’re doing.

I’d love to get involved with renewable energy. But there are so many interesting areas in electrical engineering that I could see myself pursuing many different avenues.

Having the ability to openly collaborate with them on this research was incredibly helpful.

I can promote diversity, inclusion, and understanding through the organizations I represent.

What I like best about Ireland is the beauty of the country itself and the laid-back environment.

The study abroad experience opened my eyes to the possibility of broadening my horizons and gave me the courage to reach beyond my comfort zone.

This experience gave me a deeper understanding of how monetary decisions are made within the state.

I am so excited about where the Tagliatela College of Engineering is going, with its emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Meet new people, and try new things. You never know when you will be back in these places!

Opportunities with College Football Playoff and Pro Bowl provide valuable experience, enhance resume