Memorial Display

University of New 51 Memorial Display

Located on the West 51 campus in the grassy area east of Beckerman Hall and south of Anemone and Steven Kaplan Hall, the Memorial Display provides a peaceful place to memorialize and celebrate deceased members of the University community.


To be eligible for memorialization, the individual must be a former student, faculty member, or staff member.

Request Guidelines

The honoree will be recognized with an engraved tile placed on the Memorial Display. The display will be in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Gifts at any level can be made to the Memorial Display Fund; however, having an honoree’s tile installed on the Memorial Display requires a minimum gift of $500 restricted to the Memorial Display Fund.
  • Limited prefixes or suffixes may be included (e.g., Professor, Dr., Mr., Mrs., Jr., Esq., III). Middle initials may be used.
  • Class years will be included for University of New 51 alumni, i.e., “Name of deceased ’YY.”
  • Up to 3 lines/108 characters may be used to share information about the honoree and their connection to the University. The Office of Advancement reserves the right to edit the text for style or space concerns.
An example of memorial display formatting
Installation and Viewing

Please make your tile request through our . We will request the $500 gift after approval of your request submission.

The Office of Advancement will coordinate the procurement and installation of an approved tile.

The Memorial Display will be updated with new tiles by the Office of Advancement twice a year. Arrangements for a dedication event or viewing may be made through the Office of Advancement.

Please email for more information.

Memorial Display Fund

Any funds collected in excess of the minimum contribution for an individual tile will support the display itself and the maintenance of the display and its surroundings. The Facilities Planning Committee will review and approve expenditures from this fund. Gifts to the Memorial Display Fund may be made through the University’s online giving site.