Graduate Certificates

The Pompea College of Business offers graduate certificates designed as options for persons having a bachelor's, or master's degree who want to enroll in a part-time, short, coherent course of study at the graduate level. Persons who may not be ready to commit to a full-length graduate program, as well as those who already hold a graduate degree but want to pursue additional work in the same or another field, may find that a certificate provides the perfect alternative.

Students applying to the graduate school to enter a certificate program must complete the graduate school application form, submit official transcripts showing completion of the undergraduate/baccalaureate degree and two letters of recommendation.

Certificate Programs
  • A certificate in accounting is recommended to students and professionals whose education already includes an accounting degree and who wish to pursue accounting at an advanced level without necessarily enrolling in the full graduate program. An accounting certificate is especially recommended to certified public accountants who wish to obtain continuing professional education credits in an academic environment.

  • The certificate in business intelligence is designed to provide students with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge essential for modern-day firms’ increasing reliance on business intelligence. Business intelligence as a discipline consists of a variety of business processes for data, information and knowledge management, and a wide range of analytical tools for performing analyses of qualitative and quantitative data.

  • This certificate is designed to develop students' conceptual knowledge and skills in formulating corporate strategy and in determining structural and resource requirements.

  • This program will provide banking loan officer candidates with requisite skills and knowledge to make informed lending decisions while considering the regulatory environment in which the lending institution operates.

  • A finance certificate prepares individuals for careers in the financial services sector and modern corporate financial management by stressing the understanding of the conceptual foundations of finance and analytic techniques.

  • Students will gain a solid understanding of global supply chain management, as well as the analytical and managerial framework and tools necessary to be successful in a variety of business environments.

    Global Supply Chain Management Certificate Page

  • This certificate is for the HR professional or the individual in an allied field who aspires to increase proficiency in human resources management and gain knowledge of the field in greater depth.

  • This certificate will develop your leadership and strategic management skills and instill in you the business acumen you need that ensure your nonprofit organization has a much greater chance of sustaining and thriving in today’s rapidly changing environment.

    Leadership, Innovation, and Sustainability for Non-profits Certificate Information

  • The certificate in marketing enables the student to acquire a deeper understanding of marketing phenomena and to develop analytic skills.

  • This certificate is designed for those contemplating a career in the sports industry or for those already working in that area who are interested in advancing their careers.

  • This certificate is for accountants and practitioners who wish to improve or update their tax skills, including CPAs who need continuing education credits and others seeking to expand their tax backgrounds.