Bachelor of Arts Music & Sound Recording

"Having the education and hands-on experience in the studio, helped me take the right steps to where I want to be in my career," said Christopher Marchesseault ‘16, an audio engineer for The Recording Den.

If you’re interested in our B.A. in Music and Sound Recording, you might also want to check out our new B.S. in Music Technology & Innovation degree. Click here for information on this exciting program.

Master the Art of Audio Recording, Media, and Communication

Technology is an essential part of our relationship with sound. Recording studios, theaters, social media platforms, film and television production, stadiums, and game studios rely on the expertise of sound engineers to function. Contemporary compositions for popular artists, film, and orchestras are facilitated by the expanded capabilities of the latest musical interfaces.

Our Bachelor of Arts degree in Music & Sound Recording is built around the philosophy that sound engineers should know the art form they are recording. To this end, our students take courses in three interrelated areas: music history, theory, and aesthetics; sound recording methodology and technique; and musicianship.

Professional Guidance

A degree in Music & Sound Recording focuses on the art of working with sound. Our faculty are former and current engineers, producers, and composers with professional expertise that informs our curriculum. Across all the courses in our program, students receive foundational skills in the generation and manipulation of sound, applying those skills in a variety of ways.

We believe that these competencies are best applied with an understanding of how music and sound function in the world. You will have opportunities to enhance your development with courses on the theory and history of music. Our instructors also serve as academic and career advisers, assisting students as they navigate four years of college and prepare for industry opportunities.

Learn by Doing

Music & Sound Recording courses are held in our recording studios and music technology lab. Classes are capped at 16 students and feature cutting-edge learning environments, where instruction occurs as students engage with technology and make aesthetic decisions. Whether it's using the appropriate microphone or preamp, experimenting with synthesizers, or producing beats, students learn industry standards and develop their expressive voice.

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Our program and professors encourage students to be actively ambitious and to engage in real-world practices while learning. Our recording spaces are open 24/7 for students to record bands and singers, mix records for independent artists, or work on your projects. We support a chapter of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) on campus that enables students to be on the frontline of the sound recording industry, and to get live, hands-on sound experience working University events.

The best example of real-world engagement is our Nashville Study Away program, which enables students to spend a semester in Nashville, Tennessee, an international hub for music creation and business. The program offers an array of courses and internship experiences that complement our students’ skill sets and knowledge. All classes, from "Studio Mixing" to "Music Production" to "Advanced Recording," are held at the world-famous Blackbird Studio.

It’s Not Where You’re From. It’s Where You Are Now.

The University of New 51 is located on the southern coast of Connecticut. Our location provides our students with multi-directional access to creative and work opportunities in places that fit their personalities and lifestyles. Students travel to New York City and Boston for a variety of work experiences and take advantage of the diverse music institutions and businesses located in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Our Music and Sound Recording students have worked at Blackbird Studio, Sennheiser, Sonalysts Media, Quad Studios, Repercussions Studios, Firehouse 12, Fox Sports NY, ESPN, Gillette Stadium, and other places.

Learn from professors who are dedicated to your success.

Our faculty are leaders and innovators in their fields, bringing both deep professional experience and academic rigor to the classroom.


Envision Your Future

The information below is designed to show the many possible careers you could pursue with your major. The research is provided by Encoura, the leading research and advisory firm focused exclusively on higher education. It includes median national salaries and industry growth projections over the next decade. Click here to view the full report.


Sound Engineer

13% Growth 2017-2027



16% Growth 2017-2027


Audio Tech

17% Growth 2017-2027

Selected Courses and Programs
  • A study of the use of synthesizers, drum machines, sound modules and computers in the recording studio. Using a combination of lecture/demonstrations as well as lab hours, students will explore the physics of sound, sound synthesis, instrument control, Musical Instruments Digital Interface (MIDI) and computers. Special emphasis will be placed on current sequencing, notation and printing software.

  • An introduction to live sound production and its concepts with practical application including sound system design, connectivity, options, digital and analog front of house consoles, monitor consoles, digital snakes, crossover networks, speaker systems, line arrays, setup, teardown, and troubleshooting.

  • Students learn and practice advanced studio techniques, including expanding microphone techniques, the use of control surfaces, cutting-edge studio production techniques, stereo and surround mixing, and mastering techniques. Emphasis is on practices and workflow in a professional recording studio.

  • Hip-hop recordings are commodified chronicles of listening and audio manipulation activities that exhibit a relationship between technology, aesthetics, and practice. This course is a hands-on examination and scholarly exploration of the technologies and practices of hip-hop music-making. Students engage with hip-hop’s music as a response to contemporaneous technologies available to DJs and beat makers. Through listening, musical analysis, and re-creation exercises, students investigate the instrumental component of hip-hop music heard on recordings, commonly referred to as beats. In this course, students make beats with the technologies and technical limitations that have defined the different periods of hip-hop music and reflect on their practice.

  • The University of New 51 offers a wide variety of in-depth courses that create a transformational educational experience for our students. To view the complete list of courses you'll take while pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Music and Sound Recording, check out the Academic Catalog:

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All University of New 51 students have access to the many resources available through the University’s Career Development Center, which has been named one of the best in the nation by The Princeton Review.

From career assessments, networking, and job shadowing to on-campus interviews and salary negotiation, the Career Development Center provides the skills and connections to identify a meaningful career and an opportunity to pursue your passion.

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Unique Opportunities
Rein Records

Rein Records is the University of New 51's student-run record label

We are a devoted group of individuals full of passion and creativity. For our student-run team, we use experiential growth, applying our skills and experience in new and innovative ways, and challenging ourselves to work smarter and stronger with every new endeavor we take on.

Nashville Study Away

Nashville Study Away

The University of New 51 is proud to partner with Blackbird Studio to offer a study-away program designed for students in our music majors. Nashville is the creative center of the American music business and a source for artists, songwriters, producers and engineers across the musical spectrum.

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  • Whether you're still in high school or are transferring from another college, we offer full- and part-time opportunities for undergraduates from inside the U.S. and abroad. The admission process can begin as early as the end of your high school junior year.

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  • We offer a comprehensive financial aid program, with students receiving assistance in the form of grants, scholarships, student loans, and part-time employment. Funds are available from federal and state governments, private sponsors, and from university resources. More than 85 percent of the University's full-time undergraduate students receive some form of financial assistance.

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