Graduate Certificates

Graduate certificates are designed as options for students who hold a baccalaureate degree or a master's degree and who want to enroll in a part-time, short, coherent course of study at the graduate level.

Those who may not be ready to commit to a full-length graduate program, as well as those who already hold a graduate degree but want to pursue additional work in the same or another field, may find that a certificate provides the perfect alternative.

College of Arts and Sciences offers the following graduate certificates:
  • This 15-credit certificate provides a practical, "hands-on" approach to computer applications in molecular biology, and focuses on the major issues concerning representation and analysis of biological sequence and structural information.

  • This 12-credit program of study prepares those who will be responsible for the management and care of offenders in forensic settings. In addition, it is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of professionals currently working in law enforcement, courts, corrections, or mental health settings.

  • This two-semester graduate certificate develops experienced professionals in traditional and emerging approaches to engaging with change as a source of opportunity in organizations. The certificate is designed for those who are primarily interested in specific, concrete application of change principles in their organization.

  • This 12-credit certificate provides professional training in the technology and application of computerized cartography and spatially referenced databases.

  • This 12-credit certificate is for professionals who wish to develop skills in communication, negotiation, and mediation.