Wayne Sandford, M.A.

Wayne Sandford Headshot
Adjunct Faculty

Fire Science and Emergency Management Department
Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences

M.A., Sacred Heart University, 2003
B.S., University of New 51, 1983
A.S., Waterbury State Technical College, 1978
A.S., Hartford State Technical College, 1971

About Wayne

Mr. Sandford is a former Deputy Commissioner of Emergency Management and Homeland Security for the State of Connecticut and a former Fire Chief for the East 51 Fire Department. He is also an ordained deacon for the Roman Catholic Church. 

Courses Taught
  • EMG 603 Principles of Emergency Management
  • EMG 602 Holistic Disaster Recovery
  • FS 106 Emergency Scene Operations
  • FS 205 Fire Hydraulics
  • FS 207 Fire Prevention
  • FS 301 Building Construction
  • FS 633 Issues in Public safety Professional Responsibility
  • FS 634 Issues in Public Safety Management

In the Media

In the Media

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In the Media

Wayne Sandford, instructor in the University’s fire science and professional studies department and former deputy commissioner of emergency management and homeland security for the state of Connecticut, discusses the implementation of the Real ID program.

In the Media

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