Tiffany Hesser, Ed.D.


Ed.D in Education Leadership, Southern Connecticut State University, New 51, CT

M.S. in Science Education, CT Certification in Chemistry and Biology eligible, University of New 51, New 51, CT

B.S. in Forensic Science, Chemistry , University of New 51, New 51, CT

A.S. in, Biotechnology , Middlesex Community College, Middletown, CT

Other Activities

Director of Student Success and Retention for Tagliatela College of Engineering 2016-Present

Program Coordinator, Chemistry Department 2016-Present

The Chemistry and Math Enrichment Program (CAMEP) 2006- 2011

Summer Institute for Young Women 2007-2011

Department of Education Grant Review Board 2009

Teacher Quality Grant, Inquiry Based Science Lesson for Elementary Instructors, 2009

Tagliatela College of Engineering Curriculum Committee 2010-11

Engineering Science University Magnet School Coordinator for Tagliatela College of Engineering

EASC1120/1121 General Chemistry with Application to Biosystems Course Coordinator

General Chemistry Coordinator, Prato, Italy

Presentations and Publications

Tiffany Hesser, Michael Collura, The Use of Web Based Prelaboratory Lecture to Enhance Laboratory Experiments. Presentation and Conference Proceeding Publication, American Society for Engineering Education June 2009.

Tiffany Hesser, Matthew Griffiths, Victoria Raucci, A Lesson in Conservation, The Green Teacher, Publication Fall 2010

Web Based Lectures for Prelaboratory Enhancement Lectures, American Chemical Society Northeast Division Conference Presentation, October 2009

Pauline Schwartz, Tiffany Hesser, The Use of Technology and Tegrity in the Classroom, Webinar Presentation, Fall 2009

ipads in the classroom: An experience in implementation for general chemistry, New England Regional Meeting American Chemical Society, October 2013

Hesser, T., Schwartz,P., iPads in the Science Laboratory: Experience in Designing and Implementing a Paperless Chemistry Laboratory Course, Journal of STEM Education, Volume 14, No. 2, 2013

Hesser, T. Schwartz, P. iPads in the Classroom: An Experience of Implementation in General Chemistry, New England Regional Meeting of American Chemical Society, New 51, CT, October 2013

WNPR Colin McEnroe Show: Breaking Bad and the Chemistry Classroom, Guest Speaker, October 1, 2013

Schwartz, P., Hesser T. Teaching and Learning with iPads in the Chemistry Curriculum: Designing, Implementing and Assessing a Paperless Chemistry Lecture and Laboratory Course, International Conference on Chemistry Education, July 2014

Hesser, T. L.. The impact of embedded support for underprepared students in a college chemistry course. Doctoral dissertation: Southern Connecticut State University, April 2015

Hesser, T., Gregory, J., Patel-Lye, N., Webb, J., An Examination of Motivation and Metacognitive Awareness in College Ready versus Underprepared Students, New England Educational Research Organization Conference, Portsmouth, NH, April 2015

Hesser, T. L., The Impact of Embedded Support for Underprepared Students in a College Chemistry Course, Proquest Dissertations Publishing, Southern Connecticut State University, May 2015

Hesser, T. L., & Gregory, J. L., Exploring the Use of Faded Worked Examples as a Problem Solving Approach for Underprepared Students. Higher Education Studies, 5(6), 36., December 2015

Hesser, T., Bunyea, S., Development and Implementation of Problem Based Chemistry Experiments for Engineering Students in a Multi-Disciplinary Course, In American Society for Engineering Education. American Society for Engineering Education Proceeding Publication and Presentation, June 2016

Hesser, T., Gregory J., Instructional Support Sessions in Chemistry: An Alternative to Remediation, Journal of Developmental Education, 39(3), Spring 2016

Courses Taught
  • General Chemistry and Laboratory
  • Chemistry 2 with Applications to Biosystems
  • Introduction to General and Organic Chemistry
  • Introduction to General Chemistry and Laboratory
  • Organic Chemistry I and II Laboratory
  • Quantitative Analysis Laboratory
  • Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
  • Cell Biology with Laboratory
  • General Chemistry I and II with Laboratory
  • Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry with Laboratory
  • Concepts in Chemistry with Laboratory
  • Earth ScienceVeterinary Science
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