Mariama Yakubu, Ph.D.

Mariama Yakubu Image

Fire Science and Emergency Management Department
Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences

Ph.D. Emergency Management, North Dakota State University
M.A. International and Development Economics, University of San Francisco
B.A. Sociology and Information Studies, University of Ghana

About Mariama

Dr. Mariama Yakubu earned her Ph.D. in Emergency Management from North Dakota State University, M.A. in International and Development Economics from University of San Francisco, and B.A., First Class Honors, in Sociology and Information Studies from University of Ghana. Her research interests include Business Continuity and Crisis Management, Supply Chain Uncertainties, Individuals and Household Disaster Recovery, and Emergency Management Higher Education Curriculum Development. She applies both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies in her research, leading to her co-authoring articles and a book chapter in peer review journals such as International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disaster, Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, and Journal of Management and Sustainability. Previously, she had worked with both academic and non-academic institutions such as Concordia College (Minnesota), North Dakota State University—Agribusiness department, Quinnipiac University, National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO-Ghana), Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT-Ghana), and the Electoral Commission of Ghana.

Currently, she is a lecturer and coordinator of the Emergency Management Program in the University of New 51’s Fire Science and Emergency Management Department.



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Courses Taught
  • EMGT 6602 (Principles and Practices of Hazard Mitigation)
  • EMGT 6624 (Social Dimensions of Disaster)
  • EMGT 6670-ST (Economics of Disasters)
  • EMGT 6697 (Thesis Proposal and Research)
  • EMGT 6698 (Thesis Writing and Defense)