Gregory Broderick, Ph.D.


Ph.D. Geotechnical Engineering, University of Texas Austin

MSCE, Northeastern University

BSCE, Northeastern University

Publications & Presentations

Daniel, D.E., Broderick, G.P., "Stabilization of Compacted Clay Liners Against Attack by Concentrated Organic Chemicals," Geotechnical Engineering Report GR85-18, Geotechnical Engineering Center, The University of Texas, August, 1985.

Bowders, J.J., Daniel, D.E., Broderick, G.P., Lilijestrand, H.M., "Methods for Testing Compatibility of Clay Liners with Landfill Leachate," American Society for Testing and Materials, STP 886, 1985.

Daniel, D.E., and Broderick, G.P., "Results of Moisture-Suction and Permeability Tests on Unsaturated Soils," Geotechnical Engineering Report GR83-9, Geotechnical Engineering Center, The University of Texas, December, 1983.

Daniel, D.E., Broderick, G.P., Bowders, J.J., Liliestrand, H.M., "Interaction of Earthen Liner Materials with Industrial Waste Leachate," Journal of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials, Volume 5, Number 2, 1988.

Broderick, G.P., and Daniel, D.E., "Stabilizing Compacted Clay Against Chemical Attack," Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 116, No. 10, October, 1990

Bowders, J.J., Scranton, C.E., Broderick, G.P., Editors, "Geosynthetics in Foundation Reinforcement and Erosion Control Systems", ASCE Geotechnical Special Publication Number 76, October 1998

Nocito-Gobel, J., S. Daniels, G. P. Broderick, M. Collura and R. Stanley. "Civil & Mechanical Engineering Students Learning Mechanics in a Multidisciplinary Engineering Foundation Spiral", Mechanics Division, Proceedings of the 2007 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 24-27, 2007.

Reviewer of Journal Articles for the American Society of Civil Engineers, Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, 1990 to Present


GeoDesign, Inc., Middlebury, CT. - geotechnical/geoenvironmental consultant; office, field, and laboratory assignments. Municipal landfill investigation, N.Y., hazardous waste ponds, North 51, CT.

Dames and Moore, New Jersey - Permeability study of oil products for Exxon Corp.

Converse Consultants, East Caldwell, NJ. - Study concerning the settlements of municipal landfills and the performance of compacted clay caps on landfills.

E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Co., S.C. - Moisture-suction tests on compacted soil specimens.

Dames and Moore, Houston, TX - Permeability tests for compacted clay liner material using leachate generated from solidified wastes.

Woodward-Clyde, NJ. - Moisture-suction and permeability tests on unsaturated soils.

Professional Development Activities

2010 Infrastructure Repair and Geotechnical Eng., 13th DFI-CSCE Seminar, Sept., Berlin, CT.

2009 ABET Best Assessment Processes Symposium XI, April. Indianapolis, IN

2009 Infrastructure Repair and Geotechnical Eng., 12th DFI-CSCE Seminar, Sept., Berlin, CT.

2008 NSEE Experiential Education Academy Participant – Spring 08, New 51, CT

2007 Sabbatical Leave – Study the use and application of GIS and GPS technologies

2005 Project Lead The Way Affiliate Professor Teaching Institute, July, RIT, New York

2003 Geotechnical Design and Construction, CSCE-DFI Seminar/Workshop, Sept., Berlin, CT.

2002 Project Lead The Way Affiliate Professor Teaching Institute, July, RIT, New York

2002 ASCE ExCEEd Teaching Workshop, June, West Point, New York

Courses Taught

CE 203 Elementary Surveying

CE 206 Engineering Geology

CE 304 Soil Mechanics

CE 312 Structural Analysis

CE 323 Mechanics & Structures lab

CE 327 Soil Mechanics Lab

CE 401 Foundation Design & Construction

EAS222 Fundamentals of Mechanics & Materials

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