Christy Smith, Ph.D., MPA

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Associate Professor
Director, MPA Program

Public Management Department
Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences Department
Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences
About Christy

I joined the University of New 51 faculty in 2014. I received my B.A. from the University of West Florida in 1997, and my M.P.A. in 2003 and Ph.D. in 2014 from Florida State University.

Prior to joining the University of New 51, I worked for the State of Florida, first as a policy and budget analyst in the Executive Office of the Governor under Governor Jeb Bush, then in the Florida House of Representatives under Speakers Rubio and Cretul. During Speaker Rubio’s administration, I worked with the Business Regulation Committee; during Speaker Cretul’s administration, I worked with the Higher Education Appropriations Committee. After four years working with the Florida Legislature, I joined the Florida Department of Children and Families, first as a budget analyst and then as a unit manager in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health program office. I also taught at Florida State University during this time.

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Dr. Smith teaches in the Masters of Public Administration program. She currently teaches public administration principles and policy formulation and implementation. Her research and teaching interests include public management, public financial management, procurement, and sustainability.


Peer Reviewed

Terman, J. and Smith, C. (2019). Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Green Procurement as a Form of Sustainability. Journal of Public Procurement, 18(4). forthcoming

Smith, C. and Terman, J. (2016). Overcoming the Barriers to Green Procurement in the County: Interest Groups and Administrative Professionalism. Journal of Public Procurement, 16(3). p. 259-285.

Gottschalk, P. and Smith, C. (2016). Detection of White-Collar Corruption in Public Procurement in Norway: The Role of Whistleblowers. International Journal of Procurement Management,9(4). p. 427-443.

Smith, C.D. (2013). Green Procurement in the Public Sector: Purchasing Departments as Procurement Entrepreneurs. In G.L. Albano, K.F. Snider, and K.V. Thai (Eds.), Charting a Course in Public Procurement Innovation and Knowledge Sharing. Paper presented at the International Conference of Public Procurement 5, Seattle, Washington, August 15-17 (pp. 54-84). Boca Raton, FL: PrAcademic Press.

Conference Papers

Smith, C. and Andrew, S. "Public Procurement Fraud: A Crisis of Accountability." Presented at the American Political Science Association Conference, August, 2018.

Smith, C. and Andrew, S. "Easy Pickings: An Analysis of Public Procurement Fraud." Presented at the Southern Political Science Association Conference, January 2018.

Anguelov, N., Smith, C., and Trahan, C. "Term Limits and the Unfunded Pension Debt Crisis in America: An Analysis of Assumptions in Changing Economic Times." Presented at the Midwest Political Science Association Conference, April 2017.

Eger, R.J. III, Rendon, J. R., Rendon, R.G., and Smith, C.D. "Fraud Protection Riding on an Integrated Business Intelligence Foundation: The Case of The Department of the Navy." Presented at the Forensic Accounting Research Conference, March 2016.

Terman, J.N. and Smith, C.D. "Advancing Sustainability through Public Procurement: Assessing the Impact of Networks, Professionalism, and Interest Groups on Green Procurement." Presented at the Midwest Political Science Association Conference, March 2016.

Eger, R.J. III and Smith, C.D. "Analyzing County Government Contracting Processes and Internal Controls to Address Procurement Fraud Schemes." Presented at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, November 2015.

Smith, C.D. and Terman, J. N. "Green Procurement in the County." Presented at the Midwest Political Science Association Conference, April 2015.

Smith, C.D. "Green Procurement in the Public Sector: Purchasing Departments as Procurement Entrepreneurs." Presented at International Public Procurement Conference 5, August 2012.

Fu, K. and Smith, C. "Toward an Ethical Organization: The Missing Link between Ethical Decision Making by Individuals and Supervisors." Presented at the Southern Management Association Conference, October 2010.

Smith, C. "Championing Green Procurement in the Public Sector." Presented at the Southeastern Conference for Public Administration, September 2008.

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