Abe Ardeshir, Ph.D.


Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Kentucky
Concentration: Multi-phase transport in Conduits

M.S., Civil Engineering, University of Kentucky
Concentration: Construction Project Management

B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Kentucky

M.S., Physics, University of Akron
Concentration: Quantum Physics

B.S., Physics, Pars College

About Abe

Abe has joint Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering as a Practical in Research (PIR) in Fall 2020 and as an Adjunct Professor in Spring 2019. His background research activity in the last 28 years is in the area of Risk Management, Safety of Workers in the Construction Site and Construction Project Scheduling and Project optimization and Management. His other field of research includes Storm Water Management, GIS application on River Engineering, Water Bank Protection, Optimization of Hydraulic Transports and Storm Water Basin Design and Construction. He Has taken numerous application of Urban Storm Watershed design and Project Control and Management on Highrise buildings.

Selected Publications

Abe has numerous Journals and Papers. He has over 100 Journal and Conference papers. Some of the recent ones are:

Pattern extraction for high-rise accidents in the construction industry; A data mining approach. A. Amir, A. Ardeshir, M. H. Fazel Zarandi. International Journal 2016, Taylor and Francis.

Comprehensive risk management using FUZZY, FMEA and MCDA Techniques in highway construction projects. M. Nimadi, K. Behzadian, A. Ardeshir. Journal of Civil Engineering 2017, Taylor and Francis.

Scour and three-dimensional flow field measurement around short vertical wall abutment protected by collar. H. Hosseinjanzadeh, H. Hosseini, A. Ardeshir. Journal of Civil Engineering 2018.

Stochastic sampling design using a multi-objective genetic algorithm and adaptive neural networks. 2009. K. Behzadian, Z. Kaplan, D. Savic, A. Ardeshir.

Solving the FS-RCPSP with hyper-heuristics; A policy driven approach. Y. Alipouri, M. H. Sebt, A. Ardeshir. Journal of Operational Research 2019. Taylor and Francis.

Protective spur dike for scour mitigation of existing spur dikes. H. Karami, A. Ardeshir, K. Behzadian. Journal of Hyaraulic 2011. Taylor and Francis.

Prediction of time varying maximum scour depth around short abutments using soft computing methodologies – A comparative study. H. Karani, H. Hosseinjanzadeh, A. Ardeshir. ASCE Journal of Civil Engineering 2016 Springer.

Construction safety risk drivers; A BIM approach. H. Malekitabar, A. Ardeshir, M. H. Sebt, R. Stouffi. Safety science 2016. Elsevier.

Selection of a bridge construction site using FUZZY analytical hierarchy process in geographic information system. A. Ardeshir, N. Mohseni, K. Behzadian. Journal of Science and Technology 2014. Springer.

Characteristics of heat insulating clay bricks made from zeolite, water steel slag and expanded perlite. P. F. Ahmad, A. Ardeshir, A. M Ramezanianpour. Journal of ceramics. 2018. Elsevier

Urban stormwater construction method selection using a hybrid multi-criteria approach. A. Ebrahimian, A. Ardeshir, I. Z. Rad. Automation in construction. 2015. Elsevier.

Experimental investigation of scour reduction around sour dikes by collar using Taguchi method. A. Atarodi, H. Karini, A. Ardeshir, K. Hasseini. Journal of science and technology. 2021. Springer.

Developing the sustainable designu sing 3D/4D BIM tools. M. Kasirossafar, A. Ardeshir. World environmental. 2012. ascelibrary.org. (Conference)

An object-oriented model for construction method selection in building using FUZZY information. M. Ebrahiminejad, E. Shakeri, A. Ardeshir. Energy and Environment. 2018. Elsevier

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