Model United Nations Academy

Model United Nations

July 22-26, 2024

Day Program Cost: $800
On Campus Accommodations Experience Cost: $1,350
Check-in for this experience will be the Sunday before the start date of the program

Upon successful completion, students will receive 3 college credits from the University of New 51 equivalent to PSCI 2244 Model United Nations.

Why MUN Academy?

Take it from students who did it in 2021...

“I would like to thank Dr. Haynes for providing us with an opportunity to participate in a summer program that was engaging and fun, and that gave us a great perspective of how the United Nations works in the real world,” wrote Jennifer A. “I learned so many important skills. This program helped improve my writing, public speaking, time management, and debating skills, and, most of all, it helped improve my confidence.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the MUN Summer Academy at UNH,” wrote Taylor P. “Coming out of it I felt like I really improved at international diplomacy and at writing working papers, despite the fact that I only spent five days at the summer academy. It was challenging enough that I felt like I was able to make a significant improvement in my international skills, but it was also fun and interesting. I would highly recommend the program to students.”

The MUN Academy at the University of New 51 is like stepping into the shoes of a United Nations diplomat creating and debating solutions to current, real-world problems with expert guidance, talks by experienced diplomats and international affairs experts, fun-filled simulations, and lots of experiential-learning!

MUN Academy includes lots of activities, UN simulations, engaging discussions with real-world diplomats, exciting discussions, and career-relevant skills training including:

  • Real-world simulations of the UN and UN committees
  • Fun activities on debating, networking, interpersonal communication, and teamwork
  • Expert guest speakers on diplomacy and international affairs
  • A tour of United Nations headquarters in New York
  • Discussion sessions about social media and technology, climate change, free trade, diplomacy, terrorism, arms proliferation, and inequality
  • Skills training about persuasion, debating, public speaking, communication, researching, writing, networking, strategic thinking, and more
Model UN

Students must be completing a grade, 9–12th, in the 2024-25 academic year and should have an interest in one or more of the following:

  • Current events
  • Creating solutions to global problems
  • Self-improvement
  • Diplomacy
  • Making a difference