Defer Graduate Admission

Deferment Policy

Graduate students who are admitted to their graduate program of choice at the University of New 51 may defer their admission one time for one semester or up to one year from their original term of admission. Students who wish to enroll at the University of New 51 outside of one year from their original term of acceptance must complete a new application for admissions.

A Dean's Scholarship that is awarded to a student at the time of their original admission will be honored when they begin enrollment in the deferred semester. Provost Assistantships are not eligible for deferment. Students who are U.S. citizens who file a FAFSA will be reviewed for federal aid eligibility prior to the start of their first semester at the University. If a student defers admission for a full year, they may need to submit a new FAFSA. Students who choose to defer their admission are encouraged to consult with the University’s Office of Financial Aid to determine if a new FAFSA will be necessary.

How to defer admission to the University of New 51

Start by contacting us via email at We'll work with you from there.