Title IX Training

The University of New 51 will monitor and update this page in response to the 2020 Title IX Regulations (34 CFR Part 106.45(b)(10)) which mandate the public sharing of materials used to train institutional Grievance Process Pool members.

Training Materials
  • Grievance Process Pool Training

    The Formal Grievance Process relies on a pool of administrators (“the Pool”) to carry out the process. External, trained third-party neutral professionals may also be used to serve in pool roles. Training is an ongoing effort which includes institutional training and expert trainings. Updated: January 2023

    This training includes, but is not limited to materials provided by:

    1. U.S. Department of Education

      1. (Updated: July 2022)
      2. (Released October 2022)
      3. (Released June 2022)
      4. (Released June 2021)
    2. U.S. Federal Register

      1. (Published: May 19, 2020)
      2. (Published: July 12, 2022)
      3. (Published: October 20, 2014)

      1. ATIXA Title IX Hearing Officer & Decision Maker Training & Certification Course (June 2019)
      2. 2021 Higher Education Case Study Packet
      3. A Reference Tool for Key Guidance
      4. Top Ten (10) Myths of the New OCR Title IX Regulations
      5. ATIXA’s OPEN Center Database
      6. Overview of the Title IX Final Rule
      7. Violence Against Women Act 2022 – Presidential Fact Sheet
      8. Hearing Panels & Decision-Makers: Briefing on the New Regulations Webinar
      9. SPOO or Not SPOO? That is the Question Webinar
      10. Title IX Rationale Writing Best Practices Webinar
      11. Consent Workshop: Comprehensive Understanding of Consent Theory & Practice Webinar
      12. VAWA Reauthorization 2022: Implications for Title IX Field Webinar
      13. ATIXA Position Statement: Consideration of Pattern Evidence in Campus Sexual Misconduct Allegations
      14. ATIXA Position Statement: Free Speech Rights of Individuals Involved in Sexual Misconduct Proceedings
      15. ATIXA Position Statement: Equitable Appeals Best Practices
      16. ATIXA Position Statement: Trauma-Informed Training & the Neurobiology of Trauma
      17. ATIXA Position Statement: Adopting the Preponderance of Evidence Standard of Proof
      18. Regs Rapid Response (R3) Blog
      19. Flowchart: Mandatory or Discretionary Dismissal
      20. Flowchart: 3 Buckets of Evidence
      21. Flowchart: Investigation 106.45(b)(5)